“Save Employers Money Saving Employees Lives!


We are active, effective, energetic, engaging and experienced Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Professionals passionate about improving accident and injury prevention. The SAFE mission is “Save Employers Money Saving Employees Lives!”

– Safety Associates For Employers provides health and safety compliance, education, and training services for construction, general industry and mining. Our safety professionals have outstanding motivational and presentation skills improving individual and organizational
safety attitudes, culture, efficiency, hazard awareness, leadership, performance, quality control, and reducing workers compensation and liability insurance costs that boost bottom line profits.

We cover Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), EPA, MSHA, Federal and State OSHA, US Army
Corps of Engineers (USCOE) EM-385 compliance regulations. This includes providing small, medium and large-scale projects with Site Safety and Health Officers (SSHO) knowledgeable in all aspects of administrative duties and responsibilities, accident/incident investigations,
equipment and field inspections, written safety programs, sub-contractor compliance, tailgate/toolbox safety meetings, authorized user and competent person training.

Business owners Cathy Becker and Larry Markham have over 40 years of health and safety experience, and are a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) applying for HUB Zone status. We directly supervise our projects on-site safety professionals with a verified record of success.

P-420 Air Wing Training and P-440 Simulator Facilities at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada by General Contractor Straub Construction, Inc. are two examples. P-420 received an outstanding Department of Navy safety designation and won the 2018 Associated Building Contractors
(ABC) San Diego Chapter Southwest Region Excellence in Construction Award and earned a spot to compete as a nominee for the ABC National Award.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving your business improving safety performance and consider this an honor and privilege. Please contact Cathy or Larry to discuss any specific concerns, needs and requirements.

At , we provide training using hands-on learning techniques.  Our consultants and trainers focus on pertinent and relevant material.  Using current best practices, your people will retain and use the information.  Our mission is “Save Employer’s Money Saving Employee Lives.” We strive toconsistently improve an employer’s Leadership People, Productivity, Profit and Quality by delivering Value in workplace safety!

We specialize in EM-385, EPA, MSHA and OSHA compliance and training for Construction, General Industry and Mining Subpart 46 and 48 A and B.  Scheduling is easy:

  1. We schedule services that fit your needs.
  2. We come to your site or workplace.
  3. We work on your time frame.

Compliance and training can be scheduled anywhere in Northern California and Nevada.  These are available for management, supervisors and non-supervisory level employees. Employers are encouraged to schedule large groups and take advantage of discounted rates.  Please call or email us with any specific safety concerns, needs, questions, and/or requirements.

Core Accomplishments

  • 40 Years Health & Safety Experience
  • Certified Safety and Health Practitioners
  • Nordic Industries MSHA Part 46 Trainers
  • OSHA Construction 30 Hour Certifications
  • NAS Fallon, NV Site Safety & Health Officer
  • Contractor Quality Control Training Certifications
  • Army Corp of Engineer EM-385 40 Hour Certifications
  • OSHA Authorized 10 Hour and 30 Hour Safety Trainers
  • Comstock Mine Part 48 Competent Person Safety Trainers
  • MSHA Subpart 46/48 Competent Person and Safety Trainers
  • Bureau of Reclamation Site Safety Officers Whiskeytown Lake
  • Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction Ecosystem Restorations
  • Environmental Compliance Assessment, Training & Tracking Systems
  • EM-385 Confined Space, Fall Protection & Scaffold Competent Person Trainers
  • Diversified Experience in Business, Construction, Development, Project Management and Safety
  • Significant Reductions in Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate for Employer Clients
  • Inspirational Leadership, Change Habits, Improve Individual and Organization Safety and Performance

24hr Hotline

(775) 843-8318

SAFE – Safety Associates For Employers, LLC
Cathy Becker and Larry Markham, Business Owners
P.O. Box 18245, Reno, NV 89511

Cathy Becker contact info:
Cell: 775-843-8769
Email: catbecker@yahoo.com

Larry’s contact info:
Email: 1larrymarkham@gmail.com,
Cell: 775-843-8318

  • "Corporate Safety Manager Straub Construction, Inc."

    Kevin Soares
    Outstanding Performance

    I would like to take this opportunity to provide my recommendation for Larry Markham of SAFE Safety Associates For Employers, LLC.

    As Straub Construction’s Corporate Safety Manager, I have known Larry Markham for some time and can attest to his dedication of ensuring a safe construction site. Larry provides an invaluable service to our company and I highly recommend him to anyone needing his company’s services. Larry demonstrates a strong work ethic, in-depth knowledge of health and safety regulations, and most importantly, a dedication to the welfare of our workers and subcontractors. I especially want to commend Larry as our Site Safety and Health Officer on the P420 Air Wing Training Facility and P440 Air Wing Simulator Facility at the Naval Air Station Fallon, NV projects. His direct involvement with these projects is instrumental in helping us achieve the ABC Southwestern Region Excellence in Building award and maintaining a zero lost time record. Larry always goes above and beyond my expectations, being readily available to offer health and safety coaching, compliance, education, and training. His professionalism has impressed my colleagues and I would encourage anyone to call Larry anytime they need his assistance.

  • "Vice President of Operations Nordic Industries, Inc. Olivehurst, CA"

    Dan Schultz
    Safety regulations seem to be constantly changing. At Nordic Industries, Inc. we handle all our safety in house, however, we needed expertise from the outside to ensure our people are trained accordingly. After retaining Mr. Larry Markham of SAFE – Safety Associates For Employers, we are being proactive rather than reactive . Larry provides the training programs that we need to meet requirements with CAL OSHA and MSHA, and is always very accommodating with working around our schedules. SAFE provides the safety training that’s keeps us on track with the ever challenging changes in safety regulations. Larry also compliments our field operations as an alternate (SSHO) Site Safety & Health Officer on our Corps of Engineers projects. Larry’s enthusiasm towards safety compliance and eagerness in meeting our training schedule demands has greatly contributed to our safety success at Nordic. Larry is just a phone call away at all times and I would highly recommend his company services.