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Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response HAZWOPER Training
This is an interactive training that meets the needs of workers with activities to identify, evaluate and control hazards and emergency response.
The overall goal of this program are for you to be better able to:
• Recognize hazards that may be present at hazardous waste sites.
• Identify adverse health effects of those hazards.
• Use work practices and protective equipment to reduce hazards.
• Use written Standard Operating Guides (SOGs) to control hazards.
• Identify federal regulations and agencies that protect your health and safety and that of your fellow employees in hazardous waste site work.
• Operations involving hazardous waste at treatment, storage and disposal facilities

This training is followed by on-site training with your supervisor to familiarize you with
site-specific plans, potential exposures and work practices.
Covering chemical hazards, health effects, regulatory requirements and safety to work with:

• Respiratory protective equipment
• Chemical protective clothing
• Information resources
• Monitoring equipment
• Program includes Mock Safety Exercises for a simulation of site work activities.
• Emergency response for hazardous substance releases or substantial threats of releases to coordinate personnel roles, lines of authority, communication, decontamination, evacuation, medical treatment, prevention, recognition, and site security.

Upon successful completion of the course, written exam, practical simulation exercises, and 3-days of on-site training by their supervisor, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Participants must bring their own HAZWOPER respiratory protection, annual fit testing, and current medical evaluation certification and wear appropriate work clothes and personal protective equipment for the simulation exercises.

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In-Person and/or via Zoom

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training

Training Cost Based On Number of Participants

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