In-Person and Zoom Training

Attendant, Entrant, Supervisor (AES) Competency Training

Must First Complete Confined Space Awareness Training

This 1-day course focuses on permit-required and non-permit required confined space for Construction. The training is required for persons supervising confined space entry, entrants – employees entering and working within a confined space, and attendants – those persons tasked with assisting with the entry, but not actually entering themselves. It is excellent for both experienced workers annual refresher and new people needing confined space training to understand the hazards associated with construction confined spaces, both physical and atmospheric, and preventative measures to control them. This include information on protective, monitoring, and testing equipment, why safety regulations are in place, and the roles and responsibilities of employers, attendants, entrants, and supervisors to prevent injuries and fatalities.

The training covers both Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA, and CAL OSHA Title 8, Article 37, Sections 1550-1562 requirements of creating a safe environment for working in confined spaces. This comprehensive training is an important part of keeping your company compliant with current OSHA regulations and providing your key people with the information and resources they need.

Training Topics Include:

  • Identifying Permit Requirements for Confined Spaces
  • Use of Air/Gas Monitoring Equipment
  • Proper Ventilation of Confined Spaces
  • Alternate Entry Procedures
  • Competent Person Responsibilities
  • Atmospheric and Engulfment Hazards
  • Required Monitoring of Hazards
  • Permit Program Procedures
  • Duties of Attendant, Entrants, and Supervisor
  • Multi-employer Worksite Communication
  • Non-entry Rescue Practice

Participants need to provide their own Confined Space entry equipment and must wear appropriate work clothes and personal protective equipment for the non-entry rescue practice evaluation testing. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course, written exam, and non-entry rescue practice exercises.

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Confined Space AES Training

In-Person and via Zoom With a Computer

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