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Fall Protection Competency Training

Completion of User & Competency Training Required

This three-day training program gives employees an opportunity to have a hands-on, interactive workshop based on preventing and protecting against workplace falls and is consistent with OSHA Fall protection Standard 29CFR1926.500, EM385 1-1 30 Nov 2014,   ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code, and USACE/NAVFAC 24 hour course guideline requirements. The training involves classroom time, physical demonstrations, practical exercises, hands-on activities, and scenarios on how to properly select, inspect, install, assemble, understand, use, and wear fall personal protection and rescue equipment.

Training includes:

  • Developing and implementing a site-specific fall protection and rescue plan.
  • Equipment inspection stations, real-life simulations, and selecting systems.
  • CP responsibilities for user training and rescue practice.
  • Estimating free fall distances and total required clearance.
  • Equipment cleaning, dismantling, maintenance, and storage.
  • Common hazards associated with each system and component.
  • Installation of fall protection systems and component compatibility.
  • Proper inspection, sizing, adjusting, and being suspended wearing a full-body harness.

Upon successful completion of the 3-day course and written exam, participants receive a certificate of completion and can be authorized by their employer and designated as a Competent Person in Fall Protection for USACE projects as defined by EM 385 1-1 30 Nov 2014. This training is intended for supervisors, managers, and foreman who need to be capable of identifying existing and potential/predictable hazards, and authorized to take prompt corrective actions to eliminate and/or control fall protection hazards at a federal government jobsite.

Participants are encourage to bring their own PFAS equipment and must wear appropriate work clothes and personal protective equipment.

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Fall Protection EM385-USACE Training

In-Person and via Zoom With a Computer

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