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Fall Protection User Training

This half-day training program gives employees an opportunity to have an interactive experience based on preventing and protecting against workplace falls and is consistent with OSHA Fall protection Standard 29CFR1926.500 Subpart M, & ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code. The training involves classroom time, demonstrations, practical exercises, hands-on activities, and real-life scenarios on how to properly select, inspect, install, assemble, understand, use, and wear personal fall protection equipment.

Training includes:

  • Fall Protection Systems.
  • Equipment Inspection Stations and Simulations.
  • Estimating Free Fall Distances and Total Required Clearance.
  • Equipment Cleaning, Dismantling, Maintenance, and  Storage.
  • Common Hazards Associated with each System and Component.

Proper inspection, sizing, adjusting, and being suspended from a tripod wearing a full-body harness to better understand the hazards of suspension trauma from falling using Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). Upon completion of the 1-day course and written exam, participants receive a certificate of completion and can be authorized by their employer to use PFAS. Participants are encouraged to bring their own full-body harness and any other PFAS equipment they use, and must wear appropriate work clothes and personal protective equipment.

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Fall Protection User Training

In-Person and via Zoom With a Computer

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