In-Person and Zoom Training

Adult, Child, Infant First Aid & CPR Training

Everyone benefits from First Aid/CPR training to better prepare for emergencies whether with family and friends at home and special events, on vacation, or at work. An emergency requires immediate action and can happen at any place, any time, and to anyone.

This half-day training will provide you with basic information and skills to recognize and respond to an injury or sudden illness until professional EMS care arrives. It covers the concepts, required equipment, and proper techniques with interactive discussion, demonstrations, hands-on activities and  practical exercises to simulate real-life scenarios.

Training includes:

  • American CPR Training First Response Student Training Handbook
  • OSHA Standard First Aid and Emergency Care System
  • Adult, Child, Infant C.A.R.E. CPR & First Aid 6 Steps
  • Check for Responsiveness and Breathing
  • Call 911 to Activate EMS
  • Compress Chest
  • Check Airway
  • Rescue Breathing
  • External Defibrillation

Participants receive a certification cards good for two years upon successful completion of the course, written quiz, and instructor evaluation of practice exercises.

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First Aid & CPR Training

In-Person and via Zoom With a Computer

Individual Cost Based on Number of Participants

In-Person Location and Dates Based on Client Needs


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