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Flagger & Traffic Control Training

Everyone in a construction work zone needs basic knowledge of temporary traffic control to assist setting up and using traffic control devices, and correct deficiencies during the project. This Flagger and Traffic Control training is for individuals in the field installing, removing, and working with traffic control devices. It covers the concepts, required equipment, and proper techniques with interactive discussion, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and practical   exercises to simulate real-life scenarios with flagging and traffic control hazards.

Training includes:

  • Why proper flagging is important and the qualities of a good flagger.
  • MUTCD and state DOT plans and other guides related to flagging traffic.
  • Ensure temporary traffic control zones follow basic plans shown in the MUTCD.
  • Show temporary traffic control areas and why each is important to safely control traffic.
  • Determine the signs and devices needed on a project meet the standards of the MUTCD.
  • List all necessary and proper flagging equipment.
  • Choose the safest location and where to stand when flagging.
  • Stop, slow, and release traffic using a stop paddle or using a flag if needed.
  • Spot different types of drivers and know how to deal with them.
  • Control traffic on a two-way road and communication methods to talk with other flaggers.
  • Setup and control traffic on haul roads or in other special flagging situations.
  • Know what to do when you have to setup and handle night flagging.
  • Talking with the public, supervisor, and co-workers.

Participants are encouraged to bring their flagging and traffic control equipment and must wear appropriate work clothes and personal protective equipment for the simulation exercises. Upon successfully completing the course, passing the written exam and instructor evaluation, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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In-Person and/or via Zoom

Flagger & Traffic Control Training

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