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Silica Awareness Training

This 2-hour Silica in Construction Awareness Training teaches standard operating procedures to be compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1925.1153. The purpose is to ensure that workers understand the hazards from exposure to harmful crystalline silica dust.

Training includes:

  • Identify OSHA’s new Silica Standard in Construction and it’s principal requirements.
  • Explain what respirable crystalline silica is and the health hazards associated with it.
  • Know specific tasks in the workplace that can result in exposure to respirable silica.
  • Know the best control measures and respiratory protection for respirable silica.
  • Engineering controls, safe work practices, and respiratory protection in Table 1.
  • Proper ventilation, respiration and sanitation protocols for silica-prone areas.
  • Different types of crystalline silica found in construction environments.
  • Best practices for preventing heavy silica exposure in construction.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon successfully completing a written quiz.

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Silica Awareness Training

In-Person and via Zoom With a Computer

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