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“Cathy is 1 part bookkeeper, 1 part customer service professional, and 2 parts mom and grandmother. So many amazing parts! Cathy takes Customer Service to a sustainable level by building long-term relationships. She prides herself on taking care of business, building trust and retaining Raving Fan clients.

Before Cathy and Larry started SAFE- Safety Associates For Employers, LLC, she worked many years in Marketing, Mortgage, Event Planning and Customer Service, spending the last 11 years as a Planner with Incline Village General Improvement District. After successful careers helping clients, Cathy now helps companies with health and safety compliance through coaching, education, staffing and training.

Cathy and Larry met in 2008 and married in 2014. She is an emotionally strong woman, a great mother of wonderful adult children, the “mother bear” in caring, protecting and providing for her 7 kids and 7 grandkids. It is this caring and protecting spirit that makes Cathy an excellent business owner and partner of SAFE.

Together, Cathy and Larry are committed to always doing their best in providing the highest level of customer service in health and safety compliance, education, leadership, staffing, and training. They both look forward to serving your business and welcome to the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns, needs, questions, and/or requirements.”