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Inspire Safety Leadership: Actions to Boost Performance and Profits

Safety leadership is needed now more than ever during the current COVID-19 health crisis. We have witnessed examples of both great and poor leadership from many businesses, governments, and organizations during this pandemic. With the rapid changes taking place at home and work, many challenges are ahead that require leaders to develop new skills and strategies. Once past the immediate health issues, all must focus on the economic and financial impacts to recover.

What qualities inspire safety leadership that improve performance and profits? Are there replicable actions to create positive personal and company behaviors? Has research contributed to us better understanding the body, brain, and heart in how leadership characteristics are formed to achieve excellence? What is safety leadership? Does exceptional safety leadership increase performance and profits?

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Accident Prevention

Top management support must exist and a written safety policy communicated to all employees. Effective training, particularly of new employees, is critical. It is estimated that new employees (less than 6 months on the job) account for 30 percent of all injuries. Poor work habits or safety behavior should be corrected immediately.

Hazard Recognition

Recognizing and controlling hazards are essential parts of employer and employee responsibility. Successful accident prevention programs include training employees, monitoring work practices, and ensuring accountability at all levels. Unsafe work practices and acts are, by far, the leading causes of workplace injuries and need to be identified in a workplace hazard inspection.

Health & Safety Training

Proper employee training ensures workers have the required skills and knowledge to safely do their work. Training is an essential part of every employer’s safety and health program to protect workers from illnesses and injuries. This is an investment that will pay back over and over again in fewer accidents and incidents, better morale, lower insurance premiums and much more.

Safety Leadership

Is the ability to inspire yourself and influence work behaviors and habits toward a common goal of eliminating or reducing accidents and injuries. It is about raising acceptable standards in being an example to walk the talk that fosters and mentors safe work practices. Leadership is a learned behavior that starts by leading yourself first and then extended to help others.

Risk Management

Promotes the identification, assessment, and prioritization of occupational risks.